Sunday, March 16, 2008

Secure Deposit

My last post suggested that I was going to start a new "project" of sorts, earlier ones I have started have been "Doors", "Lines" and "Customs House" (the labels are useful to see the threads). I have discovered that these little pursuits need never really end, and I can keep revisiting the themes as I continue to explore photography. The new theme that I am going to use as a focus is "Queen Street". I intend, to create different images from the street, including architecture, street shots, portraits, whatever. My first post combines my earlier study of doors, but this one is from the old Bank of New South Wales on the corner of Queen and George. I have long wanted to take this subject, but something was always wrong. The light was soft on this morning and I had loaded HP5+ and was pushing it to 800 (more film experimentation) with a view to developing it Microphen to show a friend how I do things. I like the old feel of this shot, but also the way that it conveys solidity and security. (OM2n, zuiko 135mm f3.5, f5.6, HP5 @ 800).

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