Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Special Assignment (Part II) - The 3x3 Project Sequel (Parallels)
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Following on from the success of the original 3x3 project, I volunteered a theme for the sequel, a CBD street shot after dark, and an initial subject. Apart from the condition that the photographs were to be taken after sunset and before dawn, and must include some aspect of the street (in any way, shape or form); there were no real constraints regarding composition. I personally found shooting black and white under these conditions quite a challenge. However I think the results confirm what all "great" photographers already know, and that is there are worthwhile pictures everywhere, of every kind, irrespective of light quantity, quality or colour. My fellow MB'ers certainly seem to be aware of this.

This 3x3 assignment has been dubbed "Parallels", given that the CBD streets chosen, (Mary Street, Queen Street, and Adelaide Street) run (you guessed it!) parallel to each other.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sword of Themis

While I was walking to work one day without my camera I passed the statue of Themis outside the Brisbane Law Courts. I thought that the shadow would be an interesting subject, but on closer inspection when I returned the next day revealed that shadows from nearby trees were far more distracting than I first noticed. I was, however, drawn to the sword. In this shot I have attempted to simplify the composition of the statue (OM4, 135mm Zuiko at f5.6, tmx400) to convey a feeling of strength.