Thursday, March 29, 2007


A left-over shot from the silhouette shoot. I like the combined strength and delicacy portrayed in the sculpture and went for a viewpoint that emphasized the solidarity of the queen's long reign.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corner Queen and Edward Streets

Whilst I have not finished exploring the lanes and alleyways of t the Brisbane CBD, street corners have also caught may attention lately. This, another busy one, is the eastern end of the mall, recently rejuvenated with the opening of the complex housing David Jones and other sundry upmarket boutiques. Given I took this photograph around lunchtime, I suspect most of these people are scurrying about doing the usual lunchtime chores such as paying bills, shopping, and of course buying lunch!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

CDs for Sale

On any week day, at least half a dozen buskers can be found in the mall or surrounding streets. This talented guitar player was busily plying his trade on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert Streets, one of the busier CBD intersections. Dressed as I am, (typical semi-officious public servant attire with complimentary ID tag), I often wonder whether the purpose for which I take these photographs is misconstrued. Playing or singing as they do, I don't formally as for permission, rather I usually point at the camera, and then at them, which always elicits a consensual nod. Maybe they think I'm "the Man" checking up on them!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Special Assignment 6 - Silhouettes

There are times and places where interpreting a scene with a silhouette can make for a wonderfully powerful image. This special assignment was designed to focus three photographers on using a silhouette technique to create a view of Brisbane.

The Equine Veteran

This proud warrior stands in Anzac Square, with his rider, a monument to the fallen of the South African war.

Looking at the intricate work on the bridle and reins, I was very impressed by the sculptor's skill and thought that the detailed filigree would offset the solid bulk of the noble head.

Green Bridge

This for me was a very inspiring subject to photograph. I was struck by the beautifully clean, simple lines of this thoroughly modern structure.

The gibbous moon was deliberately
included to imbue the whole thing with a sense of mystery.

Steel (Boyd)

The Story Bridge is one of Brisbane's most conspicuous landmarks. Looking east early in the morning, I wanted to capture a sense of its grandeur (OM2sp, FP4+, Tokina 35-105mm, f22, 1/1000). I waited until no trucks were visible because their bulk seemed to clutter the shot, capturing the cyclist and the jogger was a bonus.

The Arbor

Southbank has an interesting and intricate arbor made up of an wonderfully shaped trellis covered with bougainvillaea. Although when in flower the colours are magnificent, I was more interested in the repetative pattern and shaddows (OM2sp, FP4+, Tamron SP 35-80mm, f8). I particularly like the inclusion of the walker in the bottom left of frame to give some scale to the whole structure. Not my usual style of shot, but has some themes that I would like to explore some more.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Corner Mary and Edward Streets

This image is from a much earlier shoot involving the interior of the Belgian Brasserie (the building in the central background). I very much enjoy shooting more traditionally styled street photographs that include people in the composition. This, a winter's afternoon around 4:30pm at which time an evening chill was starting to make its presence felt. Nikon F80 using Ilford B&W film.