Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Post Office Square II

Time for another square shot. Experimenting with high-key and shadow.

Arrangement in Grey and Black

(With apologies to Mr Whistler as this looks nothing like his mother! Well, maybe by a raving cubist...)
I've just spent another happy weekend pottering about with Camera 2. Almost walked past this but swung round for a shot before scurrying across at the pedestrian lights. Fellow bloggers, spot the location...

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Nearly a month after I got my new baby - Nikon D300 - we finally got to go out for a shoot. Up until now we have been doing mainly tabletop work in preparation for a certain upcoming exhibition.
So, at last, here is the inaugural location shoot with my new camera. This is one of the little laneways off Elizabeth street which makes me wonder how one drives in if somebody else wants to come out...?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sneak peek

For some time now the old National Bank building on the corner of Queen and Creek Streets has been undergoing a major renovation, which now looks almost complete. I was walking past as some workers were carting material and tools inside through the main doors that they had left it ajar. I couldn't help but stop and catch this view with a new (to me) 35mm lens that I was giving a bit of a test. Luckily I did take the time, because the next pass through had the door firmly shut, so this is my only frame showing the interior. I think that this shot is far more successful than my earlier post of the same subject (National Bank), but I would love to know what you think ... (OM2, zuiko 35mm f2.8, f8, HP5 @ 400)