Tuesday, December 15, 2009

King George Square revisited

Over the past couple of years the BCC has been remodelling King George Square as part of the major busway construction and it recently reopened to the public. I have been trying to capture images from this site for a few weeks and have been wholly unsuccessful. Late last week I changed from using my wider lenses to clamping my trusty old zuiko 135mm f3.5 lens to my om2n.

My aim was to play with trying to get exposures correct, having basically given up on creating new and interesting compositions. The best that I thought was that I could learn something from attempting to correctly expose HP5+ @ 400 in the harsh morning light when shooting highly reflective bronze (ie black) statues.

I had forgotten how sharp this lens could be and I manually metered each frame and developing in Microphen 1+1. The results are better than I imagined with good shadow detail without blowing the highlights completely.

You might recognise at least one of these subjects from my earlier posts, but it is always good to go back and see how your composition and development can create a different feel to the final image ... and I can't wait to see how these turn out when wet printed as postcards.