Wednesday, September 19, 2007


There is not much one can say about this shot. I liked the idea of the solitude that this worker seemed to find early in the morning under the lone tree in the vast expanse of concrete on the river side of the Riparian Plaza. (OM4, zuiko 50mm f1.8, f11, FP4 @ 125)

Monday, September 17, 2007


This shot represents another whimsical moment in my photographic journey. I often walk to work via the riverside boardwalk, and this time I paused at the end nearest the Botanical Gardens. The dis-used ferry jetty is now the main access to land for the yachties who moor their boats along the City Reach. I particularly like the way all the tenders were together ajumble, a wonderful metaphor for the different styles of yacht to which they belong and, in turn, the owners who call them home. (OM4, zuiko 135mm f3.5, f11, FP4 @ 125)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bond Store

This shot is another in my study of Brisbane's Customs House. Under the grand old building was purported to be the original bond store. This window is set into the large stone wall that forms the riverbank. Judging by the inclusions in the wall, the wharf was once directly attached to this rock face and goods would have been loaded and unloaded from ships and held within the customs complex. I have no idea if these rooms are still accessible, but there is a certain romance they now convey. I particularly like the way this early morning light plays across the face of the stone to show the texture in all its glory. (OM4, zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro, f11, FP4 @ 125)