Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kangaroo Point

After seeing the wonderful shots already here, it is with a little trepidation that I add my abstraction of the Kangaroo Point flats to the collection. This shot was taken in December 2005. For some time I had it displayed as a horizontal shot. However, in the past couple of weeks I have changed my mind and decided to turn it 90 degrees left. As a tribute to this blog, I have also changed the border from white to black. I wish the members of Monochrome Brisbane much pleasure and success in capturing our city in glorious b&w.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Australian Air Force Memorial
I have not been happy with the way my negatives have turned out of late and suspect that I have been over-developing in the tank. On my walk to work is what I though would be a good test shot: the bronze eagle memorial in Queen's Gardens. I took this early in the morning (OM4, 50mm f1.8 lens, no filter, f11, 1/250th, Ilford HP5)—the sun was providing a strong backlight and it had just stopped drizzling. I did some light sharpening and brightening to bring out the detail in the underside of the wings. Maybe I have my problem sorted …

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Carlton CUB

This photograph was taken on the same outing and roll of film as "Stairs". I chose a light blue tone to enhance and reinforce the cold metallic surfaces of the unpainted kegs. As the addvertisement goes, "Made from... Beer!"

A lunchtime foray into Margaret Street (corner Edward Street) last Wednesday produced this interesting view of a criss-crossing staircase. Photograph taken using a Canon EOS300 with Ilford FP4 Plus. Developed for 6:30 in Ilfosol S at 20C. I subsequently scanned the negative and edited the image in Photoshop Elements. There were several dust artefacts that required removal before the image was moderately sharpened and digitally toned using a custom process I have called "Old Newspaper 2". I rather like the added warmth this particular tone adds to the image.
Inaugural Post

This blog is dedicated to publishing images of, or associated with, the fair city of Brisbane. Whilst the initial emphasis is on monochrome, that's not to say that traditional colour images won't appear from time to time, it's just that at the moment, some of us are having too much fun playing with black & white films and darkroom chemicals. Of course, images may also be wholly of a digital origin.

The "we" I refer to (or at least I'm hoping) will be a loose collection of friends who happen to share a common love of the art of image making, and whom I can persuade to overcome their modesty and contribute images and commentary. Some of us post our images to more traditional photo sites, however few such sites offer the level of unfettered interaction and access available through a blog. If you happened to stray upon this site by accident or design, please feel welcome to comment on anything you see.