Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forest Lake

Well, here is the eponymous feature of the suburb that I call home. (Eponymous, I’ve been waiting to use that word in a post...)
I was doing a shoot to capture reflections recently and this one didn’t quite make the cut due to the surface being disturbed by wind and ducks and whatnot.
Can’t really do those big sweeping vista shots. I’m more of a detail photographer. But by abstracting this image into fairly contrasty b&w, maybe it works just as a study in tones and shapes...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Probably few visitors to the Greek Club in Edmondstone Street South Brisbane would fail to notice this wall frieze in the foyer.  I took this in May 2008, but unfortunately this image turned into a "sleeper". One of those photographs you think has potential but you are just not sure what to do with it. Initially I thought it looked better in colour but obviously I have since changed my mind - hence its posting on MB. Taken with my Leica and a monopod, with flash I think.

I reckon he's trying to balance the family chequebook under her gentle but insistent guidance.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Natural Hues - Magnificat

For those who live locally, "Natural Hues" is a photographic exhibition by our very own Nicole. Ten beautifully shot macro images of her favourite subjects, of which "Magnificat" is one. Running 1st -30th September at the Graceville Gallery (10am-5pm Mon to Fri and 10am -4pm Sat and Sun). The gallery is located at 463 Oxley Road Sherwood (Tel: 3379 1288). Image taken with my 5MB Leica using bounced flash.

City Reach

This is a departure from my ususal postings and is inspired by Martin's 2006 post called Monochrome Brisbane. I had to make a trip across town the other evening and decided to take the opportunity and stop at the top of the Kangaroo Pt cliffs with camera and tripod. The original colour versions of these are posted at another site, but I decided to desaturate them and also post here. I will need to revisit this location with some trusty HP5 loaded to experiment more with exposure and composition. (Mamiya 645pro, sekor 80mm f2.8, f11, Kodak Portra 400vc @ 400)