Sunday, September 14, 2008


Probably few visitors to the Greek Club in Edmondstone Street South Brisbane would fail to notice this wall frieze in the foyer.  I took this in May 2008, but unfortunately this image turned into a "sleeper". One of those photographs you think has potential but you are just not sure what to do with it. Initially I thought it looked better in colour but obviously I have since changed my mind - hence its posting on MB. Taken with my Leica and a monopod, with flash I think.

I reckon he's trying to balance the family chequebook under her gentle but insistent guidance.

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Nicole said...

Hi Martin, Nicely lit and yes it does work well in B&W. Would have liked to see her head though and try and work out what she thinks... "You've spent too much at the races again!"
Him: "And what about your wardrobe?"
Her: "How can you say that, all I have is this old thing"
Him: "I know just how you feel dear."