Sunday, September 07, 2008

Natural Hues - Magnificat

For those who live locally, "Natural Hues" is a photographic exhibition by our very own Nicole. Ten beautifully shot macro images of her favourite subjects, of which "Magnificat" is one. Running 1st -30th September at the Graceville Gallery (10am-5pm Mon to Fri and 10am -4pm Sat and Sun). The gallery is located at 463 Oxley Road Sherwood (Tel: 3379 1288). Image taken with my 5MB Leica using bounced flash.


Boyd said...

Martin, very nice shot. I love the selective saturation to keep the wonderful hues of Nicoles work preserved within this monochrome environment.

Nicole, you should be very, very pleased with the collection of work you have put together for this exhibition. Your images are beautiful and inspiring.

Nicole said...

Thank you fellow MB-ers! It was great to see you at the exhibition. Martin, in spite of my being in the shot, it came out very well and the desaturation is most effective.