Sunday, March 11, 2007

Special Assignment 6 - Silhouettes

There are times and places where interpreting a scene with a silhouette can make for a wonderfully powerful image. This special assignment was designed to focus three photographers on using a silhouette technique to create a view of Brisbane.

The Equine Veteran

This proud warrior stands in Anzac Square, with his rider, a monument to the fallen of the South African war.

Looking at the intricate work on the bridle and reins, I was very impressed by the sculptor's skill and thought that the detailed filigree would offset the solid bulk of the noble head.

Green Bridge

This for me was a very inspiring subject to photograph. I was struck by the beautifully clean, simple lines of this thoroughly modern structure.

The gibbous moon was deliberately
included to imbue the whole thing with a sense of mystery.

Steel (Boyd)

The Story Bridge is one of Brisbane's most conspicuous landmarks. Looking east early in the morning, I wanted to capture a sense of its grandeur (OM2sp, FP4+, Tokina 35-105mm, f22, 1/1000). I waited until no trucks were visible because their bulk seemed to clutter the shot, capturing the cyclist and the jogger was a bonus.

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