Saturday, March 08, 2008

Abstract Study 6

I have been quite unproductive of late and have not had material to post. Decided that it was time to start experimenting with film and processing etc again. Loaded the old OM2n with HP5+ and decided to walk down the Queen Street Mall at dusk. I pushed the film 2 stops (to 1600) and had a Tamron 28mm f2.5 lens in the hope to get some hand-held shots at about f5.6 for a bit of depth of field. I thought that I would look to shooting some humans, but it turns out that my first posting from this roll is of the structure in the centre of the mall. I took this while frustrated at my unsuccessful attempts at the wildlife.


Martin said...

Nice, all those intersecting diagonals make for a very dynamic shot, Boyd. You and N certainly have an eye for identifying interesting patterns.

Nicole said...

Have to admit your comment made me smile. 'Shooting some humans', 'frustrated', 'attempts at the wildlife'. Good thing all you were carrying was your trusty Olympus! Very nice shot. Somehow evocative of some spacecraft panels or maybe two giant fly swats! Great architectural grab - neatly exposed mix of detail and silhouette.