Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Carrying on from my last post, I did take some shots of humans. What I learned was that a 28mm lens is just a touch too wide. To capture an image of these Hare Krishna devotees dancing and chanting with drums and cymbals, I asked permission before moving in close to take the shot. I had to crop the right part of the frame quite considerably to eliminate unwanted clutter and, even then, the subject seems to fall into the distance too quickly and not command the eye. I will have to get that 35mm prime I have been after and give one of them a go. As for other details, it was almost dark and pushing HP5+ to 1600 did cause the grittyness that I was after ... sort of. Maybe development in ID11 didn't quite hold the shadow detail as well as I wanted. This did get me thinking of another mini project to pursue, but more of that next time. (OM2n, Tamron 28mm f2.5, f8, HP5 @ 1600)


Martin said...

Now that's my kind of shot! Many times I have thought of hanging around Govinda's at 4:30 on a Friday arvo to catch these urban wanderers as they start their weekly walk. Looks like I'll have to look elsewhere now! Great image, grittiness is what street photography is all about. I can feel the enthusiasm coming back!

Nicole said...

Fooled me, I was sure that was a Martin shot. :-) Terrific sense of photojournalism in this image Boyd. The eye contact is very effective too. Well done!