Sunday, March 02, 2008


Our latest group assignment was inspired by the current Andy Warhol exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). In keeping with recurrent themes in Warhol's work, we set out in our fair city to capture some of the Pop Art spirit by focusing on creation of an image that presented an aspect of repetition.

Nicole has presented a 2 by 4 array of positive and negative views of the iconic Mr FourEx (spelling is rather varied) from the Milton Brewery. Notice that the original image was taken in harsh light and that the shadows give this the solidarity of a photograph pretending to be a posterised Andyism!

Martin has taken a similar approach by constructing an image that draws on the Warhol themes of repetition and the mundane. His 3 by 3 images of lunch and hands shows his colleagues from a different perspective.

Boyd's image of the side of the GOMA building attempts to capture aspects of repetition within the built environment.

Each image captures in its own way repetition from a Brisbane perspective. If you are wanting to see how Andy did it, then you better hurry because the exhibition is on until 28 March. Visit for more information.

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