Monday, August 18, 2008

Brisbane Art Deco Part 3 - Pseudo Deco

This is one of three photographs I have taken in support of Nicole's interest and probably the most appropriate to post first as it not only compliments the previous image theme wise, but also steers us back to Nicole's art deco focus. No prizes for guessing where this is. I must say I'm a little surprised that this door hasn't been nailed by Boyd in his wanderings. The title refers to the style I think it's trying to portray, although whether that's deliberate would require a query of the designers, whoever they may be.

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Nicole said...

This is a great example of modern deco Martin. And I like the way that your street photography style has permeated this image and made indisputably yours in spite of being architectural! Looking forward to seeing your other images (of which I hope a certain lamp is one!)