Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knights of the Cross

I took this image some time ago, in 2007 I think, when I was deliberately wandering the streets of Brisbane looking for subjects of the type taken by my colleagues. If it isn't obvious from the history of my posts, I am not a big fan of architectural photography, it is a highly specialised area which my friends are exceedingly good at but causes me no end of frustration. However with the recent "burst" of door posts, I thought I would submit this image. I quite like the Moorish curves and points over the doors. I could almost imagine a Crusader in battle armour, white tunic with red cross, standing with drawn sword on the steps.

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Nicole said...

It's great to see one of your richly toned images back on the blog Martin! This is a great shot and I love the mental image that you have conjured up. In fact, I can see a further interpretation of the crusader theme as the doors and the centre post look like a close-up of a Norman helmet...
With a classy shot like this it is very hard to imagine you being frustrated by this topic!