Saturday, August 09, 2008

Brisbane Art Deco Part 1

I am going to beg my fellow bloggers' indulgence on this particular topic. Art Deco is an era that fascinates me. The age of beautiful cars, fountain pens, home furnishings, and of course architecture. The western world was breaking away from the mould of recreating the past and pushing forward to something new. Punctuated by war and just between the flamboyance of Art Noveau and the depression of Utilitarinaism, the Jazz Age stands as a final fling at societal originality that permeated life in its entirety.
My flagship in this exploration is the key example of Deco architecture in Brisbane, the University of Queensland.

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Martin said...

I love the lamp and "Arts" images. They encapsulate everything I have seen in books and on the web about the Art Deco style. I only wish I could actually find something worthwhile to photograph myself! I am glad that your subjects aren't what I had in mind though. Now if I can just find an example of Art Deco g..!

Please continue posting your own Art Deco explorations, they are beautiful.