Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brisbane Art Deco Part 4

I am making no apologies for posting something in colour as the mint green interior of the Tattersalls Arcade has to remain intact to show it at its best. And since the overall scheme of this image is still monochromatic, I think my fellow bloggers will humour me!

The Tattersalls is a marvellous blend of Neoclassical and Deco from the early 1920s. The medallions and friezes of the interior are set off by the sweeping curves and colour schemes. They embody a common theme in Art Deco where amidst all the clean lines one might find an isolated spot of ornamentation obviously influenced by Classical or even Rococo styles.

The Queen Street facade of the arcade is more Deco than Neoclassical as evidenced by this window (captured in a return to black and white!)

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Martin said...

No apology required! The Tattersalls Arcade image has to rank as one of the finest I have seen you produce. A splendid mix of symmetry, soft creamy colour, line and the ornate.

I was in this arcade yesterday actually and never even noticed the photographic possibilities. Good thing really, because there is no way I could have created an image as beautiful as this.