Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ode to Vince

A good mate of mine turned 60 recently and he is obsessed with all things bicycle. Having no clue about what to get him for his birthday, I decided that I would try to do a series of photos for him. I really wanted to explore square format, and went ahead to mount the results of wet printing each in a frame with a 5in X 5in window in the cut board. These are digital interpretations of the finally presented prints, although I think that digitising the negatives has degraded the feel of the images somewhat. I rejected for the final series a print of Brake that I took during this session and posted a little while ago. I find this type of project quite invigorating and that it gives a certain amount of purpose to my hobby. (OM4, zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro with extension tubes, HP5 @ 400)


Martin said...

Marvellous triptych Boyd, I respect your decision to exclude "Brake" but I do think it every bit as splendid as these images. I wouldn't be surprised if the marketing section of Shimano start asking you to do product shots :-)

Nicole said...

Very classy Boyd! What really shines is the combination of soft lighting and shallow DOF. Beautifully captured and yes, as Martin has said, these would make stunning product shots!