Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Multiple Exposure

Reddacliff Place

I was wanting to use this project to explore the telling of a story in one frame. The recently completed Brisbane Square has quickly become an icon of the city centre with its large and distinctive spherical public artwork and controversial building. However, less well known is the area dedicated to the late Trevor Reddacliff, in recognition of his work on urban renewal and making Brisbane more “liveable”. Hopefully this shot conveys a different view of this easily identifiable location. (OM2n, zuiko 50mm f1.8, f11, HP5 @ 400)

5 Brisbane Minutes

After debating whether to follow a traditional film approach for this exercise, I still ended up with a digital image. This is a an overlaid multiple image taken of City Hall over a five minute period. One wouldn't believe the number of pigeons that wanted to fly into the shot! Thankfully, I was using a remote so I could keep a lookout for erratic flight paths.


Having previously seen dramatic examples of multiple exposures taken using a motor drive, I thought I would experiment using this technique with Ilford film and my Nikon F80. Nearly all of my attempts involved at least 4 images Unfortunately most of the negatives were quite grainy however in this example I think it helps promote the idea of the rough texture of the ice on which my daughter was skating. A blue tone has been added to the digitally scanned negative to reinforce the feeling of a cold environment.

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