Saturday, August 18, 2007

Belgians from the Belgian

It's not often one sees horses trotting through the CBD, but this lovely pair were harnessed to an open carriage at the top of the mall on July 21. I found out the significance when I walked behind the carriage to see a sign from the Belgian Bar inviting people to drop in and celebrate Belgium Day. It would be appropriate that the horses themselves were Belgian Draughts and they certainly looked it. Anyway, I joined the group of camera/phone wavers who were trying to line up a shot and zoomed in at 190mm.


Boyd said...

Nicole, this is a beautifully composed shot that takes full advantage of a rare situation. The lighting is wonderfully subdued and the use of a shallow depth of field has allowed your subjects to really pop. I also particularly like the detail that you have captured in the harness. Thanks for sharing this shot.

Martin said...

Well when I first saw this I was gleefully thinking how I might tease Boyd, believing he had suddenly strayed into the world of children and animals. I should have realised immediately that it has all the hallmarks of a Nicole shot. Beautifully presented, although I should have liked something other than a dark rectangle in the left corner. But it is still nicely composed with adequate space in front of their heads so as not to crowd. Good to see you back!

Nicole said...

Thanks Boyd and Martin, It's good to be back, and I'll try not to disappear for so long again!
B, there was a lot of distraction from the Mall (and even more so in the original colour shot) so shallow DOF was a must. Glad it works.
M, yes I toyed with the idea of manipulating the background, but for veracity's sake, that's how I took the shot and it does place the location as the Mall.