Friday, July 13, 2007

Girls' School

The St Stephen's Girls School is a building facing Charlotte Street within the Cathedral of St Stephen's precinct that is quite obviously now no longer used as a school. I know nothing of its history, but it has a wonderfully ornate pair of iron gates chained shut and an impressively imposing door. I can but imagine a nun taking a daughter from her parents at the gate, shutting it firmly behind them before leading the girl onto her education within the church. I used my 28mm prime to get very close to the gate in order to have the ornate iron cross out of focus and the door framed by the foreground detail. (OM2n, Tamron 28mm f2.5, f4, HP5 @ 400)


Martin said...

Hello Boyd, This is really something, I like the powerful and purposeful motif of the Cross in the foreground, a comforting addition to another well thought out door study.

Nicole said...

Oh this is wonderful! There is a quiet drama in this image that just leads one into it like a piece of static cinematography. Boyd, I would really like to see this one as a framed print, it has such an artistic look to it.