Thursday, July 12, 2007

Condemned 2

I found that in my pursuit of both my current themes—doors and lines—I have been shooting predominantly with either a standard lens or a medium telephoto (usually 135mm). Carrying my camera to work I tend to minimise the kit that I use, and seem to have fallen into a bit of a trap of taking these same lenses each day and not necessarily thinking about other alternatives. Yesterday I deliberately took a 28mm prime and 35-80mm zoom to see how this change of kit also changed the way I treated locations. This post is a follow-up to my original post of these doors in "Condemned". Rather than taking them front on, I have attempted to use the additional width that I had available to capture more of the dilapidated building that is still barely standing around the doors. (OM2n, Tamron 28mm f2.5, f8, HP5 @ 400)

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