Saturday, December 02, 2006

Special Assignment 4

This group project was aimed at changing the shape of our view.
The challenge was to create an image in the square format where the subject also has a direct or indirect reference to the word 'square'.
Here are our offerings...

Martin's 'Brisbane Square' is a simple and fitting choice. In fact, all of us took shots at this location - the newly opened BCC building. The slick glass sign is framed in a large metal square, accurately caught by Martin's camera as it obeys remote orders from its owner who lends his presence to the shot.

Squares feature in classic Brisbane architecture, often in combination with exuberant Corinthian columns. Boyd has captured the neat juxtaposition of severe lines and rococo swirls in his study of 'Column at 311" which is the portico of the Masonic Temple on Anne Street.

And to round things off (pun intended), Nicole's shot rather cheekily contains no visual squares at all but is based on the circle. 'Post Office Square' is the location which provides the necessary link and the postmark engraved tables confirm the spot.

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Boyd said...

Nicole, thank you for presenting this work so beautifully. It really takes the square project "full circle". What this does show is how differently three folk who work relatively closely together can interpret the same task, not just in the subjects selected but also the "feeling" that the shots invoke.