Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Metal Elegance

Quite a few of these beautiful pressed metal ceilings can be found under the awnings of city buildings. Sadly, many of them have been damaged by workmen with ladders, not quite passing trucks, or the unstoppable march of progress. This lovely specimen on Adelaide Street has survived. I have decided to present the photo as I shot it - no crops and in colour(!), but seeing the subject is still monochromatic, I hope my fellow bloggers will pardon the lapse!

1 comment:

Martin said...

Beautiful indeed, your decision to use natural side lighting has emphasised the wonderfully detailed relief, looks like finely carved wood rather than pressed metal. I can't help wonder whether the exclusion of a reference point was intentional. Are these magnificently bordered recesses literally a metre across or are they tiny multiplications measuring mere centimetres? Intriguing. (Oh, I see no lapse here needing a pardon - well done).