Monday, December 04, 2006

1 Eagle Street

Cloaked in aqua tinted glass, Waterfront Place can't help but mirror the prevailing mood of the heavens. Thus given a digital infra-red interpretation, it is easily transformed into a pseudo smoke stack, covered in the same grime it appears itself to be belching skyward.


Boyd said...

Martin, this is a great shot and a wonderful interpretation using an experimental technique. I love the way you have used the reflections to make the shot extraordinary. Hopefully this won't be your first post using this technique because I look forward to seeing more of this type of work.

Nicole said...

This is one to be absolutely proud of. I rarely use the word 'Wow' in comments, but I'm going to use it now. Stunning shot simply bursting with drama. I seem to have a space theme in my head as I can imagine this to be some futuristic craft being drawn inexorably towards a pulsing nebula (or being shot out of a white hole…)
The balance is spot on and the high contrast effect is masterfully done. As Boyd says, I hope we see more like this. Hot spots and shadows complement each other perfectly and keep the eye whipping around the image, restless but intrigued…