Sunday, October 01, 2006

Roma Street Dome

Every once in a while, modern architecture breaks into something like this that makes me forgive it for leaving ornate cornices and carvings behind. This is actually a half-dome, tracing only a semicircle. I really enjoyed finding a viewpoint that would isolate just a section to give the illusion of a massive fan vault. It's the lines that are the stars, arching from edge to edge and compartmentalising the two main textures of the ceiling itself and the supporting glass wall. Guest appearance from the late morning sun with its suffused glow.

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Martin said...

You have developed quite an eye for roof lines, I think this is very much in the mould of your earlier work "91 Queen Street". Your fondness for sweeping curves and strong diagonals is perhaps suggestive of a developing style. You are to be commended for bringing to our attention many of the wonderful things around us that are worthy of closer scrutiny, but we often overlook.