Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Blitz

"The Blitz" is an example of the work of Chris Trotter, a local sculptor notably responsible for the metal kangaroos lazing on the George St footpath (near the corner of Adelaide St). This work was "parked" outside the entrance to old Government House (QUT Gardens Point) where it formed part of a display. Taken with my Nikon F65 using Ilford HP5 (pushed 2 stops to ISO1600, just because I could). Didn't quite get the in-camera, "rule of thirds" composition I was aiming for, though I thought it still sufficiently interesting to be worth a share. The LED time stamp was mistakenly activated during this and a number of other exposures. Rather than digitally remove it, I thought it could serve as a reminder of of times past when such mediocre detail on a print was considered highly useful, even desirable! ("Oh yes Joan, this was taken on our.. ? September! Skegness holiday, terrible weather, just poured.. )

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Nicole said...

Sometimes one has to break the rules in pursuit of art. This is one neat example where the non-traditional compositional focus points force the user to flick between the two ‘heads’ (why the top one reminds me of Mr Potato Head, I have no idea!).
As for the date the monochrome treatment gives it a rather surreal presence. Normally you see it featured in garish orange on well-thumbed prints of baby’s first birthday, Jimmy’s first day of school….
The picture itself is beautifully exposed. Somehow the depth and tone give it more real ‘touchability’ than a colour version.
The full sculpture must have been quite overwhelming, but this detail shot engages the viewer and invites comment on whatever the artist’s message might be.