Sunday, October 01, 2006

Path to Glory

This was shot in midday sun, which while not always the photographer's best friend, was perfect for picking up the repeating horizontal surfaces. After processing the image, I liked the effect of the lower half of the flight being bathed with a slightly mysterious light and was instantly reminded of the Biblical account of Jacob's dream of the angels on the ladder or stairway reaching to Heaven. In a more transient and earthbound sense, the title is still appropriate as this flight leads to the stage in the Roma Street Parklands.

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Martin said...

I very much enjoy looking at this image and suggest that your foray into symbolism has been a success. Take a deceptively simple pattern, add some symmetry, throw in a mild copper tone mixed with dash of harsh light and ta-dah! A photographic synergism that imbues an image with that most desirable of attributes, (the worth of a second look).