Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oxley Creek Windmill

Had a chance to use the new 450D for some sport shots (swimming) this weekend and it seems to be quite satisfactory for the task at the Chandler indoor pool.

Bailey's running group was at Oxley Creek Common rather than UQ this week, so I took the camera in the hope to learn more about its performance and see what I could see.

A prominent feature of the area is the Southern Cross windmill. These are a symbol of rural life and are dotted all over the country. I find this one particularly interesting because it is not just decorative and has a working pump attached to draw water for the amenities at the park.

With a stunning blue sky as background and late afternoon sun on its face, I thought that I would try out the shutter priority mode to get the vanes in motion but all else still ... I know that I should carry a tripod for these types of things, but leaning against a pole is almost as effective, if not quite as convenient. (Canon 450D, 18-55mm zoom)

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Nicole said...

Nice image Boyd! I like the way the sky becomes a gradient background. Impressive hand-held work too.
I think you'll find that in spite of the film vs digital camps, after all, it is the photographer more than the camera so enjoy the new addition to your stable :-)