Sunday, April 13, 2008

GPO Buskers

For a number of days these two have been busking outside the main Post Office. Their persistence is admirable, because although the jazz that they play is enjoyable, most on commuters pass without tossing any money. This shot was taken as part of some tests that I am doing on gear before going on a short holiday. It confirms that I really should have tried harder to get a 35mm prime, because my Tokina 35-105mm used for this (and some shots to come) has neither the sharpness, contrast, nor the low light ability that I am looking for in a travel lens – a variable f3.5-4.5 as a minimum aperture just doesn't cut it. Luckily, my OM2sp seems to be working fine in all its modes, including Program, so I might take it as a second body. (OM2sp, Tokina 35-105mm RMC f3.5-4.5 zoom, HP5 @ 400)


Ben Byrne said...

Hey look it's me! hi guys I'm Ben (the sax player). Thanks for your kind words - the photo looks great! Glad that you enjoyed our music. If you ever want to find us again we're either there or check out our myspace.

Anonymous said...

And Me Too!!!! It's nick the guitar player!, ben told me about the blog this morning. You must have caught me in a good mood, I tend to ark up pretty hard if people don't ask permission before taking photos...or maybe you did ask... Either way, I think the photo represents us pretty well. please come say hi to us sometime. we'd love to meet you.