Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brisbane at Play

Brisbane at Play was the theme chosen for our latest group assignment. Having re-acquainted myself with the sport of sailing, (well actually since I sail but don't race I guess technically it's a pastime), I thought this topic would enable me to combine the fun of photography with this sport. I do hope my Monochrome Brisbane colleagues will forgive my selfish motivation! The sole proviso was that a person or people connected in some manner with the activity must appear the in the image.

Despite repeated mumblings that they don't shoot people my highly talented friends applied themselves diligently to the task and have provided excellent examples of Brisbanites going about the serious business of enjoying themselves.

Nicole's "Show Pony" is a great shot of an equestrian event at the Kenmore Show. We know little about the entrant herself except that both she and her powerful mount were beautifully captured in motion whilst bathed in morning light.

In contrast, Boyd has chosen to highlight a team sport by shooting the very Australian game of cricket in his "Change of Ends". This image was taken at a locally held match in the Graceville area of Brisbane. It presents the controlled hullabaloo of the batsmen and fielders rearranging themselves at the end of an over.

On any given weekend off the Wynnum-Manly foreshore, it is very hard not see the a sail somewhere out in Moreton Bay, and as I photographed these subjects just outside the Manly boat harbour, (which is within the confines of the Shire of Brisbane), I hope my colleagues will forgive any locational latitude on my part. Whilst St Helena and Green Islands further out are listed in the Brisbane ward of Wynnum, I have no idea what jurisdiction the bay itself falls into!

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Anonymous said...

Martin, the post looks wonderful and captures the spirit of Brisbane at play. Thanks.