Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flights of Fancy

This was taken last month, but time has slipped by so quickly, I'm posting it a bit late.
Was quite an experience taking this shot of the parallel stairway and escalator from the Ground floor to the Piazza level of the Brisbane Convention Centre. There is something unbalancing, and unnerving, about hanging over a glass railing, leaning into space to get a shot - while passers-by mill about pointing at one in a semi-concerned fashion.
Well, I think I got the shot I was after. Hope the slight sense of vertigo is conveyed!

1 comment:

Boyd said...

You did achieve a great shot with this, Nicole. I really like the way you have used the diagonal to your advantage ... it seems to force me to keep turning to correct the orientation, but no matter which way I go it never seems to be quite "right" - I am not sure if I am wanting to go up or down. It is a shame that they never seem to install extra-wide escalators so that the composition could have allowed the cropping of the edging in the top left.