Sunday, June 18, 2006

BOQ bronze bust

This is one of two bronze figures outside the BOQ office on Queen Street. I am quite taken by the incongruity of the nudes being placed on the main street of the city and how they are “detached” from the passing crowds. This image was taken on the same morning as “Level 2”, and I haven’t posted it earlier because I am still not sure whether it is the pick of the set that I took on that day. In the early morning these subjects are in deep shadow and I find it quite difficult to expose it correctly (OM4, Tamron 135mm f2.8, f4, 1/125, HP5, handheld) to extract the detail while not allowing the highlights to really blow out. I don’t think that I have captured these figures satisfactorily yet, so I will return and alter the composition to try to do them justice.


Nicole said...

I think you have done capitally with the exposure. The tones are as beautifully smooth in stiking contrast to the chiselled look of the statue. Classical framing with a very nice eye path on the diagonal - well done.

I pass the pair on the way to work and have often been amused at the way they dwarf the cleaner who fusses around them with a feather duster. That would be a moment to capture :-)

Boyd said...

Thanks for your very kind comments, Nicole. I was surprised at how well this shot turned out given how dark it was at the time. When I went back and rescanned the negative there was a surprising amount of detail across the range, but especially in the deeper shadow lower on the torso.

I would also love to pass with my camera at the ready when the cleaner is afussin' :-o.