Thursday, May 25, 2006

Abstract in Grey

One of the newer buildings in the CBD is the Brisbane Magistrates Court
. The structure is impressive, and so is the large artwork outside the front entrance on George Street. I particularly like the repetition of the pattern and the highly reflective grey surface generates interesting tones in the soft light of early morning (OM4, Tamron SP35-80 f2.8 towards the long end, f8, 1/125, HP5). Where different surfaces meet there is a slightly bevelled edge that provides a nice highlight, even though the whole sculpture is constructed of one material in one colour. The sculpture is located within a garden, so I decided to leave the tuft of grass in the bottom right of the frame. I am still not sure if the composition would be stronger without its inclusion — tell me what you think …

1 comment:

Martin said...

... well, despite the almost tortuous twists and turns the sculptor has imparted to this metalwork, I personally find the undulating lines captured in your image soothing to the eye. The tuft of grass is so small that I think its effect on the composition is negligible. The OM4 guided by your ever-increasing experience with all things shiny and metallic has indeed done a wonderful job capturing a lovely range of tones. Almost make me want to rise early and attempt something similar.... almost.