Tuesday, May 30, 2006

91 Queen Street

I was determined to take a picture on the weekend with the idea of posting it to this blog. It is not often I shoot with black and white in mind. The original of this shot had some interesting colour highlights with the blue of the sky visible through the ceiling. However, the monochrome conversion draws attention to the interesting semi-organic lines and hints of reflection. Hopefully the crop works too.


Boyd said...

Wow, I really like the composition and tone with this shot. I think that the crop works particularly well and the strong lines tend to take you thru the frame very nicely. I am glad you took the time out to make this post.

Martin said...

A very interesting image open to numerous interpretations, each generated by the conscious and subconscious influences of the line work that comprise the focus of this picture. Lorica segmenta? Brilliant sun? Engorged flower head? Or mighty lidless eye? I have seen all depending on my mood.
The crop and presentation are well thought out, curiously to my mind, the image only "works" and retains a sense of balance in the chosen upright portrait mode.
A sound demonstration of your ability to isolate and extract a fascinating subject from the architectural humdrum. Well done!