Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mt Cootha Sunset

Continuing on with a water theme, this sunset was taken from Moreton Bay using a Finepix 5600 at the long end of its telephoto lens. I'm rather amazed that the camera's meter was able to cope and provide quite a reasonable picture.

Apart from cropping and some minor sharpening, the image is an unmanipulated grey scale copy of the colour version. The Mount Cootha television towers are clearly visible on the left.

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Boyd said...

Hey Martin. This is a great shot, here in b&w and in colour at Lara's site. I agree that there is masterful control of exposure here to capture the foreground without blowing the sun completely, but I suggest that has more to do with the photographer than the equipment. I like the conversion that you have done here, it really accentuates the shapes, particularly the towers to help "place" the image.

p.s. Great story from your adventures on Lara, keep em coming!