Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wynnum Creek

We visit Wynnum quite frequently these days and I have always been attracted to this creek and its collection of moored boats. Unfortunately, most of them look like they have seen better times and bear the marks of long days sitting in the weather. Some appear to be work boats whilst others are obviously pleasure craft, patiently awaiting the return of their owners and the opportunity to again joyfully ply the Bay.

This image was taken using a Finepix S3 Pro and a Nikon G series 70-300 zoom I bought a year or two ago. I don't really know why I persevere with this lens, although purchased new, I generally find the quality of pictures it takes disappointing. I guess it's a case of "You get what you pay for!"

On the other hand, I am always pleasantly surprised by the images with my 5MB Leica, which I have started to lug around again. I really think it's more about the lens rather than the grunt behind it. Pathetic lens attached to a great body (which the S3 pro is), is always going to produce sub-standard photographs.

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Boyd said...

Hey Martin. I like the feeling that you have captured with this image. It is almost timeless with the collection of wooden boats arranged in that sleepy bayside way. When I first looked, it seemed to be almost screaming out for some of your legendary toning treatment, but I also think that it is a fine shot as is.