Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yeoman of the Guard – Photographic Summary of Act 1 in 24 Images

From the Queensland Musical Theatre production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Yeoman of the Guard” which ran from mid May to early June 2007 at the Schonell Theatre, University of Queensland. A wonderful performance of one of the more serious Gilbert & Sullivan operettas and a great viewing experience too!

Whilst I had originally intended to post perhaps at most two or three photographs, the number and chronological sequence of these images lend themselves so well to a photographic narrative, that I just had to present them all. Well not quite, it took me some time to decide on a style that would enable me to present a large number of images in a fairly compact manner. I think this 4 by 6 layout with a single key image in each works well, although I did have to drop one image, originally having 25 in total. Ilford HP5 pushed 3 stops to an ISO of 3200 has done quite a reasonable job of capturing the contrasty scenes.

The other aspect of this process that I have become less sure of is whether posting these images represent "fair use" or a copyright infringement. Are these photographs a sufficiently small quantum of the whole performance? Certainly I have acknowledged the source, I don't believe this post detracts in anyway from the integrity of the producers or participants, and my only real motive in publishing them is community interest. Still..


Boyd said...

Martin, I think that these do indeed provide a narative ... I think that it is a nice twist that the images showcase some of Nicole's talents other than photography ... I love the theatrical style that you have developed and hope that you continue to post these types of images.

Nicole said...

It was wonderful that you could come to the performance Martin and your shots make such a terrific storyboard and bring back lovely memories of the show each time I look through them. Your presentation choice is admirable as is your handling of tricky lighting situations. Thanks for posting this, I think any musical society would be proud to have their production captured by your camera