Monday, April 09, 2007

Special Assignment 7

This shoot was about finding the back-to-front reality that we encounter every day in the form of reflected images. Here are the results of our mirrored meanderings through Brisbane.

Alchemy Views by Boyd

Alchemy is a new restaurant down by the river. Early in the morning the reflection in the tinted glass of the large bi-fold doors gives a wonderful idea of the view the diners get to enjoy while having their meals.


Queens Gardens Reflection by Martin

The stately gardens and pedestrian rush captured in the slick doors of Casino Towers, not to mention the reassuring presence of our photographer!


The Dome by Nicole

This is an impressionistic view of the tropical dome at the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. Shot into the pool it captures the multi layers and the rippling surface. Look out for dim shadows of wishing coins that visitors have thrown in.

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