Monday, August 21, 2006

111 George

The awning over the footpath at 111 George has some thick beams supporting glass panels to let through the light. I noticed that from some angles the glass (stained and dirty as it is) is obscure and you can only see the profile of the structure. I used a 135mm prime to compress the perspective and stopped it well down (f16) to maximise the depth of field. Because I had no tripod, an available post provided the necessary support for this rather long exposure (about 2 sec with Tmax400). I like the repetition and the way that the indirect early morning light gives interesting shade to the metallic finish.

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Martin said...

Hey Boyd, very nice, restful is the thought that comes to mind, despite the dynamics suggested by the sloping lines. I also like the manner in which the first (from the top down) horizontal line seems to cut your image along a line of thirds, and then the second line seems to cut the remaining section along a line of thirds and..